The Park

Typical of the English-style parks designed in the 18th century in the neighbouring properties which were slowly becoming places of pleasure, the Plessis-Anjou park covers some fifteen hectares essentially composed of :

- of a multi-century old forest with a variety of species: oaks and chestnuts for income, Himalayan or Lebanese cedars, purple beeches, Austrian black pines and other tulip trees to decorate and ennoble the site.

- Around the main house, you will find natural lawns with soft curves, interspersed with flowerbeds that have been studied by colour and by season.

of walled gardens which still include the rose garden with more than a hundred different species, the fruit trees reserved for the concoction of local desserts and alcohol.

And finally, the vegetable garden, an indispensable complement to rural life and an invaluable guarantee of the freshness and creaminess of the dishes served at the table d'hôtes.

As you walk through these blessed grounds, you will gradually come across a pretty group of outbuildings, testimony to the estate's agricultural activities, and which, in addition to the inevitable domestic servitudes associated with the life and upkeep of such a property, will present you with a small farmyard where chickens and ducks frolic freely, but also dwarf goats, Ushant sheep and Highland cattle and their calves, as well as... Lamas!